*NANO STEAM GUN* Rechargeable Nano Spray Gun Wireless Blu-ray Promise Frequency Conversion Atomizing Bluelight Sanitizer
Price RM79.00
Size (L x W x H) 8 cm x 25 cm x 10 cm
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Availability 5

Wireless Spray Gun Features:

1.100% brand new and high quality Characteristics:

2.Electric lithium battery, powerful battery life, available for 180 minutes on one charge

3.High quality nano spray port, using high temperature resistant pa material, fast fogging, large amount of fog The porous heat dissipation, the device releases a large amount of

4.Nano nozzle adopts a copper detachable nozzle, with a large amount of fog, fine atomization, and a range of up to two meters.

5.Large capacity water bottle, which can adjust the control time according to the amount of fog.

6.Nano atomization fogger and power adapter only, other demonstration accessories in the picture are not included.

7.The gun head has

8 bright lights, and the spray has an obvious 3D effect.

9.The 800ml large-volume water tank can be used for 20 minutes when it is full. The water tank has a filter function to prevent clogging.

10.Easy to use, turn on the switch of the machice.(not adjustment)



Product name: wireless nano spray gun disinfection

Power: 18W

Maximum spray distance:2.5m

Rated Voltage: 110-240V/50HZ

Battery capacity:2000mAh

Size: 23x20x6CM

Use time: 1~2 hours

Product weight: 0.7KG

Capacity: 800ML

Material: PC

Charging time: 2 hours

Handle design: non-slip design

Operating system: high pressure

Type: Portable

Keywords: electrostatic disinfection spray gun

Function: disinfectant and alcohol spray

Technology: high pressure spray + blue light disinfection

Function: moisturizing, face-lifting, skin rejuvenation

Scope of application: household,Office, supermarket...

Certification: CE Using method (Disinfectant spraying)


1. Wear gloves before disinfecting;

2. Dilute the disinfect with water in a ratio of 1:20;

3. Fill the capacity with diluted disinfectant;

4. Switch on and wait for spraying

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